AAAH’s Power to the People connects Black community with energy savings

AAAH’s Power to the People connects Black community with energy savings

people in front of solar on roof

A new program from the Portland-based African American Alliance for Homeownership aims to promote energy efficiency, climate justice and green energy adoption among its clients. 

Power to the People leverages local grant opportunities and partnerships with nonprofits that offer services relevant to AAAH’s mission of increasing homeownership and economic stability among African Americans.  

“The Power to the People PDX program allows us to assess all the energy-saving opportunities for our clients while providing access to affordable clean energy resources. AAAH has been successful in pairing Energy Trust incentives with other funds that directly impact the long-term livability and sustainability of our African American homeowners,” said Cheryl Roberts, AAAH’s executive director. 

Energy assessments play a key role in Power to the People’s comprehensive approach, uncovering energy-saving opportunities in homes and bringing clean energy benefits to Black residents. AAAH also participates in Energy Trust’s Community Partner Funding, which offers enhanced cash incentives to lower- and middle-income residents. 

AAAH has completed 88 energy assessments since the program launched, using Community Partner Funding to cover the cost of the assessments. AAAH has also distributed nearly $30,000 in Energy Trust incentives to homeowners who installed energy upgrades like insulation and efficient HVAC systems. 

When it comes to forming partnerships, AAAH takes a proactive approach to extend its reach. It partnered with Solar Oregon to bring solar energy education directly to the communities it serves, and its energy assessors have referred seven clients to Community Energy Project to receive heat pump water heaters at no cost.   

AAAH has also received a grant from Portland Clean Energy Benefits Fund last year, which will allow the program to expand its outreach and services.