Energy Trust selects small-scale community solar projects for custom incentives

Energy Trust selects small-scale community solar projects for custom incentives

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In May, Energy Trust of Oregon selected five small-scale (<360 kWAC) community solar projects aiming to serve customers traditionally underrepresented in public processes and solar incentive programs to receive custom incentives.

The program received eleven applications, screened projects for eligibility, ranked projects by incentive request and selected five projects based on funding availability. Pacific Power selections were limited to those incentive requests that could be fully supported within the dedicated $500,000 of available funding.

The following projects were selected for the Small-Scale Community Solar Incentive, listed by smallest to largest incentive request:

Project NameProject ManagerLocationAggregate Project Capacity (kWAC)Total Incentive RequestUtility
Jim & Salle's PlaceROSE Community Development Co.Portland40 kWAC$53,000PGE
OSF Community SolarOregon Clean Power CoopTalent129.6 kWAC$100,000Pacific Power
Whisky Creek SolarWhisky Creek PM, LLCBeatty165 kWAC$105,000Pacific Power
Cherry Creek SolarCherry Creek Project Manager, LLCSprague River359 kWAC$135,000Pacific Power
Wood River SolarWood River PM, LLCKlamath Falls359 kWAC$140,000Pacific Power

Project Managers for selected projects received a Preliminary Incentive Reservation notice and instructions on next steps and further required actions.

Energy Trust will incorporate learnings from this process into future incentive offerings to support more small-scale and community-led community solar projects.

To be notified of future community solar incentive opportunities, please email For questions, contact Energy Trust at 1.866.368.7878 or email