Claim tax credits for energy upgrades completed in 2014

Claim tax credits for energy upgrades completed in 2014

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From Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives to state and federal tax credits, Oregonians have access to many resources to help save and generate energy in their homes and businesses.

Energy Trust does not administer government tax credit programs or provide tax credits. However, we do understand how challenging it can be for consumers to sort through the variety of resources available to them. To help with this, we’ve compiled a short list of questions, answers and resources to clarify how to apply for and receive Energy Trust incentives, state energy tax credits and federal energy tax credits.

Federal and state tax credits may be available for the installation of energy-efficient equipment and improvements and renewable energy systems. These tax credits are available to both businesses and homeowners, but are subject to change. Consult your tax professional or the IRS for current information.

For more detailed information on state and federal tax credits, visit:

Find more information about receiving tax credits for projects that save or generate energy here.