Supporting energy innovation throughout 2014

Supporting energy innovation throughout 2014

man planting trees in front of his AC unit

Throughout 2014, Energy Trust helped Oregon utility customers navigate a market full of renewable energy and energy-saving products and services.

We made it easier for customers to know what products save energy and what types of equipment are the best to install in their homes or businesses. Our approach is to launch pilot projects, which allow us to support energy innovation by testing new ideas, products and strategies, and then develop full program offerings for viable energy-saving approaches.

In 2014, we continued our support for energy innovation by:

  • Helping grow LED bulb installations in homes, businesses, multifamily business and industrial facilities.
  • Evaluating the energy-savings potential of Nest thermostats in homes heated with electric heat pumps by adjusting the home’s temperature based on the occupant’s behavior, the thermostat saved an average 4.7 percent on electricity usage.
  • Offering design assistance, technical support and cash incentives to help develop 15 different net-zero facilities, which save and create as much energy as they consume during a year.
  • Testing new online tools to help home and business owners individually assess their site’s solar potential, evaluate project costs and quickly find a qualified trade ally to install their system

To learn more about our 2014 accomplishments and ongoing support of energy innovation, view our 2014 Annual Report.