Solutions to help your business save energy and money

Solutions to help your business save energy and money

Standard Incentives: Get cash rebates to install equipment that saves energy

Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives for upgrading old, inefficient equipment and making common building improvements. Many types of equipment qualify including heating and cooling systems, water heating, insulation and lighting. Energy Trust’s energy advisors can help you choose from a list of approved equipment.

The Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem received $3,400 in cash incentives from Energy Trust to cover the cost of 39 new steam traps to replace the failing units.

“It’s so important to lower your costs and conduct necessary and preventative repairs. Keeping everything up to date will save you in the long run.”
– Jeff Noland, facilities energy technician, Oregon Department of Corrections

Custom Incentives: Work with an energy advisor to get cash incentives for larger projects

For larger projects, that are beyond standard equipment replacement, a qualified energy advisor can help you determine the best options for your space and provide an estimated project cost and incentive amount. You can use the estimate to collect bids from contractors and receive your incentive once they finish the work.

Linfield University needed new, custom steam pipe insulation to deliver heat and hot water on campus. Linfield received $91,300 in incentives to help cover the project cost. The upgrades are estimated to save the University an additional $35,900 a year on energy bills.

“We saw immediate improvements in system operation. Our water and energy use went way down as soon as the new steam loop was fired up.”
– Allison Horn, director of facilities and auxiliary services, Linfield University

Retro-commissioning: Lower energy bills with a free assessment of your current equipment

Through retrocommissioning (RCx), engineers provide an on-site walkthrough of your building to identify opportunities to save energy using the equipment you have. For example, they might find you can save energy by changing the setting on sensors, by optimizing your heating and cooling schedule or by adjusting equipment parts, like belts and valves.

After the walkthrough, you’ll receive a free report outlining the energy saving actions, along with estimated monthly savings on your energy bill.

Myrtle Crest Elementary School completed an RCx project to optimize their HVAC system control sequences. The adjustments will save the school an estimated $14,100 a year on energy bills.

How do I start saving?

An energy advisor can help you determine if your project qualifies for cash incentives or set up an on-site walkthrough. To connect with an energy advisor, email or call 1.866.605.1676.