Lincoln City welcomes more efficient, earthquake-resistant fire station

Lincoln City welcomes more efficient, earthquake-resistant fire station

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The North Lincoln Fire & Rescue Bob Everest Fire Station underwent a series of renovations and upgrades thanks to a bond that passed in 2018. Located in the heart of Lincoln City, the station is ready to benefit the community for years to come.

“The building is seismically retrofitted and energy efficient,” says Rob Dahlman, North Lincoln Fire & Rescue interim chief. “Equipment was installed to make it a clean building, and additional improvements include a passive cooling system, solar panels, LED lighting, a high-efficiency heating system and upgraded insulation values.”

After the bond passed, the station was approved for the state’s Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program (SRGP) before reaching out to Energy Trust of Oregon for additional support. “Energy Trust’s process was very easy,” says Rob. “I appreciated that with all the other demands on our time it was no problem at all.”

The building now meets current structural, electrical, ADA and fire codes, while the improved lighting and mechanical upgrades are expected to save over 14,250 kWh and 1,520 therms annually, as well as $2,240 on energy bills. By working with Energy Trust’s New Buildings program early in the remodeling process, the fire station received over $7,600 in cash incentives.

To learn more about upgrades available for major renovations, email the New Buildings team or call 1.877.467.0930.