Energy Trust of Oregon’s EPS expanding to include existing homes

Energy Trust of Oregon’s EPS expanding to include existing homes

Energy Trust of Oregon is expanding EPS™, an energy performance scoring tool, to include existing single-family homes in Oregon. Launched in 2009 for new construction, EPS brings a miles-per-gallon style rating to homes, providing an easy way to assess a home’s energy performance, including estimated utility costs and carbon footprint. To date, more than 2,000 newly-built homes have received an EPS.

The new offering enables existing homeowners to have their home’s current energy efficiency scored and measure the impact of any energy-saving improvements they may choose to make. Over the next year, Energy Trust plans to evaluate the tool and expects between 500-1,000 homes will receive an EPS through its network of specially-trained Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractors.

“Over the last two years there has been considerable interest in expanding use of EPS to the existing homes market in Oregon,” said Matt Braman, residential program manager, Energy Trust. “With this score, a homeowner can easily see the opportunities they have to improve the energy efficiency of their home, which we hope will drive them to make home energy improvements.”

EPS was created by Energy Trust in consultation with other interested organizations, including Earth Advantage Institute, Conservation Services Group and PECI. Software and training is available to qualified contractors through Earth Advantage.

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