Energy Trust invites public comment on draft 2016 annual budget

Energy Trust invites public comment on draft 2016 annual budget

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Through November 20, Energy Trust of Oregon invites your feedback on the draft 2016 annual budget and 2016-2017 action plan. The budget will guide program and outreach strategies that help Oregon and southwest Washington utility customers save energy and generate renewable power. View the draft budget, action plan and key dates for public input.

As a nonprofit organization investing utility customer funds, we conduct an open annual budgeting process. The budget and action plan are developed collaboratively with Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas to deliver least-cost energy efficiency included in their long-term resource plans to meet the energy needs of their customers. In addition, the budget supports development of small-scale generation from a variety of renewable energy resources in PGE and Pacific Power territories. Projects and actions resulting from our plans will save money on participant utility bills, reduce carbon emissions and improve local economies.

The draft budget is available for public comment from October 29 through November 20, 2015, and comments are accepted by emailing, or mailing or submitting them in person to Energy Trust, 421 SW Oak St., Suite 300, Portland, OR 97204.

In addition, Executive Director Margie Harris will lead a live webinar presentation on Monday, November 16. The presentation will include an overview of the draft budget and allow for discussion and questions. Sign-up online for the webinar.

Throughout the next month, we will also present the draft budget to our affiliated utilities, two advisory councils, board of directors and the Oregon Public Utility Commission. A final proposed budget and action plan will be reviewed by the board of directors in December before being submitted to the OPUC.