Boost efficiency and reduce your energy bills

Boost efficiency and reduce your energy bills

As a nonprofit organization, Energy Trust is dedicated to assisting consumers of natural gas and electricity in Oregon. We have a range of energy-saving programs and resources aimed at helping industrial and agricultural energy users cut costs and increase efficiency.

Energize your facility’s efficiency

The programs and offers provide incentives, resources and technical assistance to help implement energy-efficient practices. We work closely with industrial businesses to identify opportunities for energy savings, offering solutions that can improve operational efficiency and help save you money.

If you rely heavily on equipment for your agricultural processes, there are cash incentives for the purchase of energy-efficient equipment. Whether it’s for irrigation, greenhouse, or any other energy-intensive application, Energy Trust is here to support you in making sustainable and cost-effective choices.

Embarking on the energy efficiency journey can be a daunting task. To inspire and reassure, let’s delve into the success stories of some of our customers who utilized the resources of Energy Trust programs and achieved remarkable energy and cost savings.

Bright Wood Corporation: a 9.6 million kWh reduction

In 2016, faced with a 10% increase in energy prices over a decade, Bright Wood Corporation took proactive measures. While participating in the Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program, the company successfully reduced its energy consumption by an impressive 9.6 million kWh. The result? Over $762,000 in financial incentives.

Scenic Fruit: nearly $50,000 in annual savings with high-speed doors and LED lights

In 2020, Scenic Fruit faced energy waste and safety concerns due to failing freezer doors. Opting for a strategic replacement, the company is estimated to save over 772,000 kWh of energy and nearly $48,000 in utility costs annually. Following this, a lighting project in 2021 replaced 103 lights with energy-efficient LED fixtures, adding an extra 50,000 kWh in annual savings. Discover the details of their journey here.

In the face of escalating costs, it becomes imperative for industrial and agricultural energy consumers to explore forward-thinking solutions aimed at curbing energy consumption and operational expenses. Energy Trust offers a range of incentives and solutions designed to empower customers to achieve greater energy efficiency and substantial cost savings.

Interested in discovering how these solutions can benefit your business? Reach out to a program representative at 1.866.202.0576 or email for more information.