South Klamath Falls wastewater district cleans up energy costs

October 16, 2014

An ongoing initiative to save energy and cut electricity use and operating costs at the South Suburban Sanitary District, SSSD, in Klamath Falls is adding value to the community and to its ratepayers. Thanks to a recent investment in new, energy-efficient technology at the district’s wastewater treatment plant, SSSD earned $77,125 in cash incentives from […]

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From hops to Hefeweizen, Oregon’s sustainable brewing supply chain

October 8, 2014

The Oregon beer industry features sustainable practices throughout the beer-making process with the help of Energy Trust of Oregon. See first-hand the sustainable brewing cycle with this two-minute video, created in collaboration with Climate Solutions. The cycle starts with energy-efficient irrigation practices and solar energy used to grow the hops at Goschie Farms. Next, Worthy […]

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Morrow County School District improves learning environment for students through energy-efficiency upgrades

September 30, 2014

Located near Pendleton, Morrow County School District estimates it will save $20,965 per year through energy-efficiency upgrades recently completed at two of its schools. With expertise and cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon, the school district implemented an HVAC Direct Digital Control tune-up to improve two academic buildings in the district, lower overall energy use […]

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Free online tool estimates solar energy potential

September 26, 2014

One of the biggest barriers to installing solar electric systems is that property owners don’t have a good way to estimate how much energy they could generate, or how much it would cost. Now Energy Trust of Oregon is providing home and business owners in select Washington County communities a free, high-tech way to find […]

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