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Energy Trust News

Monthly updates about Energy Trust activities and results, trade ally contractors in the spotlight, stories about Oregon residents, businesses, governments and communities that have benefited from saving energy and using renewable resources, and recent regional and national news on energy-related topics.

Residential News

Small changes can make a big difference on how homeowners and renters use and save energy. Sign up for the Energy Trust Residential quarterly newsletter to get low- to no-cost ways to save on your energy bill, as well as seasonal tips and tricks, DIY resources and special offers.

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Commercial Business News

Look to the Commercial Business News each quarter for the latest commercial business news, customer success stories, training opportunities and more. Commercial Business News features program updates to help you learn how your commercial business can reduce energy use with cash incentives and technical services from Energy Trust.

Multifamily News

Multifamily News is your resource for Energy Trust news, tools and incentive updates for existing multifamily properties. Each quarter, we’ll share program updates to help you learn how you can tap into Energy Trust’s cash incentives and technical services. We’ll also provide you with ideas to help save energy and reduce your property’s operating costs and increase property value.

Industry & Agriculture News

Industry & Agriculture News, Energy Trust’s quarterly industrial efficiency newsletter, contains case studies from Oregon facilities to inspire new projects, news articles about best practices and emerging technologies, and opportunities for local and regional technical training to support professional development.

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