Low and no-cost energy-saving tips for your business

Low and no-cost energy-saving tips for your business

Engineer at control panel

By reducing energy consumption, you can control operating costs and save money. Power your bottom line with these energy-saving tips and upgrades.

Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives to help lower the cost of energy-efficient equipment upgrades. Cash incentives may be available for equipment upgrades marked with an asterisk (*).


  • Install occupancy or vacancy sensors in areas with occasional utilization to reduce energy use by approximately 25%.*
  • Replace office and warehouse fixtures with high efficiency LEDs to reduce energy costs by up to 70%.*


Compressed Air

  • Reduce air pressure by 2-psi to save up to 1% on energy costs.
  • Use 4 to 5 gallons of receiver capacity for each cfm of compressor capacity to operate load/unload control systems effectively.
  • Use a variable frequency drive (VFD) when operating under a partial load to save more energy overload/unload or modulation controls.
  • Tag and repair leaks on a regular basis to reduce total compressed air use by up to 30%.

Compressed air tank


  • Reduce motor load to gain more effective energy savings.
  • Rewind your motors for maximum efficiency. Contact a member of the Green Motors Practices Group, www.GreenMotors.org, for more information.
  • Utilize software like MotorMaster+ to quickly select and manage efficient motors.


  • Replace a throttle valve or bypass valve with a VFD to control flow.*


  • Use a VFD to regulate flow instead of inlet guide vanes and dampers to save on energy costs.*
  • Replace radial-tip and material handling fans with airfoil fans to increase efficiency.*
  • Reduce fan speed by 10% to save approximately 25% on energy costs.

Cycling cooling fan

Chilled Water

  • Raise water temperature to increase chiller efficiency.*
  • Install an energy-efficient chiller to reduce energy use by approximately 50%.*
  • Reduce condenser water temperature by 1°F to increase energy efficiency by 2%.
  • Install a VFD on chillers, pumps and cooling tower fans to reduce energy consumption.


  •  Install high-speed doors in refrigerated areas to reduce energy waste.*
  • Install occupancy or vacancy sensors on lighting in refrigerated areas to reduce heat gain from the lights.
  • Increase compressor suction temperature by 1°F to save up to 2% on energy costs.
  • Decrease saturated condensing temperature by 1°F to save up to 1.5% on energy costs.


Talk with Energy Trust to take the next step to save money and improve the efficiency of your operations. Call 1.866.202.0576, email production@energytrust.org or visit www.energytrust.org/industry.