Larger incentives reduce costs for adding solar and battery storage

Larger incentives reduce costs for adding solar and battery storage

Energy Trust has increased certain solar and battery storage incentives to make it easier for homeowners to go solar and add battery storage for backup power.

Portland General Electric customers are now eligible for a $1,000 solar incentive and Pacific Power customers can get a $1,200 incentive—an increase of 150% or more over the previous amounts. The standard battery storage incentive doubled to $500 per kilowatt-hour, up to a maximum of $6,000 per home, for both PGE and Pacific Power customers.

Homeowners can combine these incentives to save up to $7,000 or more on the cost of installing solar + storage. The storage incentive can also be used to add storage to an existing solar system.

PGE customers who meet income qualifications are eligible for larger Solar Within Reach incentives and larger battery storage incentives. They can now get up to $7,200 for a solar installation and up to $13,000 to add battery storage.

“We periodically adjust our incentives to respond to changing market conditions and help more customers benefit from solar and battery storage,” said David McClelland, Energy Trust’s senior program manager for market ready renewable energy. “And we want to make it easier for more homeowners experiencing low or moderate incomes to be able to go solar, too.”

Homeowners may also be eligible for a 30% federal tax credit on solar and storage to reduce costs even further.

Solar panels provide clean renewable energy while shrinking energy bills. Adding battery storage makes a home energy resilient by providing backup power to keep lighting, refrigeration, medical equipment, well pumps or other essentials operating during an outage.

Customers interested in exploring solar and battery storage for their homes can request a free, no obligation analysis and bid to get started.