“Hey Building” campaign showcases the playful side of energy efficiency

“Hey Building” campaign showcases the playful side of energy efficiency

This fall, Energy Trust is launching a campaign to promote its market solutions offering, which features market-specific incentive packages for new and renovated small commercial buildings. The “Hey Building” campaign sets a playful, complimentary and personal tone for promoting energy efficiency to local businesses. Advertisements encourage building owners to start conversations, take energy-saving actions and improve the efficiency of Oregon’s commercial buildings.

In October, look for “Hey Building” messages online and on the street. In addition to online ads aimed at businesses throughout the state, the campaign will include building signs around Portland and other Oregon cities such as Bend, as well as advertisements in the Daily Journal of Commerce, the Portland Business Journal and other publications.

“Hey Building” is about promoting energy efficiency, and showcasing the people and buildings that put Oregon at the forefront of energy efficiency and sustainability. Local businesses and developers who work with Energy Trust see the benefits of energy efficiency every day. By acknowledging their efforts and sharing their stories, Energy Trust can spread the word and encourage other businesses to realize similar benefits.

Energy Trust’s market solutions offering includes incentive packages that make it simple, easy and cost-effective for owners of small buildings to maximize energy savings. These packages are for owners who construct or renovate restaurant, retail, office, grocery, primary school or multifamily buildings less than 70,000 square feet. Building owners are given an easy path to achieve up to 20 percent energy savings beyond Oregon code—without the added cost of energy modeling—and receive access to reliable energy-efficiency solutions tailored to their specific building type.

The market solutions offering also features a user-friendly workbook that allows customers to explore efficiency options and estimate incentives early in the design process. Incentives increase along with energy-efficiency goals—the higher the efficiency goal, the more incentives an owner is eligible to receive.

Learn more about the market solutions offering and “Hey Building” campaign.