Energy Trust’s 2022 goals, incentives and services support customers, communities

Energy Trust’s 2022 goals, incentives and services support customers, communities

Each year, Energy Trust invests in programs to help utility customers save energy and generate renewable energy. But deciding how and where exactly to invest those funds – in what incentives, services and offers – starts with the organization’s annual goals.

Goal 1: Achieve savings and renewable generation goals while addressing the needs of customers who experience significant energy burden or are impacted by disaster events.

Customers and utilities are dealing with changes in weather patterns, wildfires and ongoing impacts of the pandemic, and Energy Trust is adapting to meet their changing needs. In 2022, staff will prioritize offers that save energy at the place and time the grid is most constrained, that serve customers who would benefit the most from energy savings and that support communities rebuilding after disasters.

Goal 2: Expand support for community-led approaches to increase access to clean energy.

Energy Trust has made great strides in working alongside community partners to achieve more benefits. In 2022, the organization will look to expand this work with community-based organizations that work with underserved groups and rely on their expertise to help shape Energy Trust incentives offers that reach more customers.

Goal 3: Create development capabilities that will allow us to increase funding to deliver more savings and generation and expand our ability to meet changing customer and utility system needs.

In 2022, Energy Trust will look for ways to increase funds that can be used for new programs that complement its core purpose. That means applying for grants that provide more flexibility to apply clean energy solutions to help solve problems communities are facing, like the need for more affordable housing. These investments will pay off in future savings and generation, in addition to achieving other benefits.

Goal 4: Implement new work strategies to adapt and thrive in our changing environment while supporting staff and managing operating costs.

As the pandemic continues to impact workplaces, Energy Trust must evolve how we work to support staff and manage costs. This includes creating an environment that helps hire and retain great staff and promotes inclusivity and flexibility to meet changing needs.

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