Energy Trust investments will add up to $7.6 billion saved for Oregonians

7.6 billion saved on utility bills

7.6 billion saved on utility bills. 6.7 billion added to our economy, 22.8 million tons

Energy Trust’s work to deliver cost-effective efficiency and clean renewable energy helps keep costs low for customers and builds a more sustainable energy future for our communities, and 2017 was an outstanding year for innovating and achieving these goals. Last year, we helped customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas and Avista save more electricity than ever before and maintained record natural gas savings—at even lower costs than the year before.

From 2002 to 2017, Energy Trust helped participating homeowners, renters, businesses, manufacturers, farmers and ranchers save $3.2 billion on utility bills. Over time, those investments will add up to $7.6 billion.

See detailed 2017 results and customer stories at The report highlights our achievements through the stories of our customers who upgraded to LEDs, installed high-efficiency heating systems, renovated historic buildings, added solar panels and attended do-it-yourself weatherization workshops. These stories are a small sampling of the tens of thousands of homeowners, renters, businesses, factories and farms we served in coordination with utilities in 2017.

6.5 million energy-savings LEDs installed. 1,796 solar systems producing clean energy. 1.98 million views of solutions and services on our website. 1,466 industrial and agricultural projects saving energy. 1.6 million customers of PGE, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas and Avista served. 724 Savings Within Reach incentives provided to moderate-income customers. 5,800 smart thermostats saving energy in homes. 59 Path to Net Zero buildings en route to energy and cost savings. 3,096 EPS homes built with high-performance energy features that save year after year. 46 hydropower and biopower projects receiving project development assistance. 2,300 trade and program allies connecting customers to solutions. 4 quarterly and annual reports submitted to the Oregon Public Utility Commission detailing program and financial performance.