Business owner Ernesto Morales Melo’s mother inspired him to be energy efficient

La madre del empresario Ernesto Morales lo inspiró a ahorrar energía

We continue our series of short videos that highlight members of LatinoBuilt, a trade association for Latino-owned businesses in construction, and their unique anecdotes of growing up in Latino households, and how their families shaped their views and behaviors on energy efficiency today. 

Ernesto Morales Melo is the owner of Comfort Insulation Specialists, an Energy Trust trade ally. Morales Melo founded the company in 2018 to provide the Portland metro and surrounding areas with evaluation and installation of ventilation, insulation, fans and energy saving tools. 

Morales Melo was raised by his mother in Mexico City. Despite having limited resources, she taught him to value what little they had. This sparked a curiosity in him to always seek a more energy-efficient way of doing things. Today, he continues to be resourceful and energy conscious, often asking his family, “What can we do better?” “How can we be better?” 

Watch the following video to learn more about Morales Melo’s story and ways he tries to save energy. 

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