Bike shop gears up for savings with LEDs

Bike shop gears up for savings with LEDs

a man in a bikeshop, surrounded by colorful bicycles

Just in time for the national Bike More Challenge, Portland’s Cyclepath bike shop installed LED lighting to save energy, reduce maintenance costs and help its bikes shine.

The retailer’s previous lighting was inefficient, with high maintenance and repair costs. With help from Energy Trust, Cyclepath installed a mix of LED spots, floods and bulbs that adjust to changes in seasonal light. The improved lighting is energy efficient, long-lasting and adds an extra gleam to top quality merchandise.

Energy Trust provided $825 in cash incentives that covered nearly half the cost of the energy saving improvements, which are expected to save 10,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

“We’ve got the lighting dialed now,” said Mitch Lomacz, Cyclepath. “The space is well-lit without being too bright and our displays look much better. LEDs are a high performance product that match the high-quality standards of our business model.”