Expanded Energy Trust online features match customers with contractors

Woman standing in front of red house with two men up on tall ladders working

Utility customers now have more ways to search Energy Trust’s online trade ally contractor listing, helping them narrow the list of possible contractors and get started with energy improvements. There are now more than a half dozen ways residential and business customers can search for contractors including by company location, services and specialties, and certifications such as Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business, MWESB, certification. Customers can also search the list, create a customized handout of possible contactors and use the handout as a guide during a first call to a contractor.

Energy Trust’s Trade Ally Network includes approximately 1,500 trade allies who are insured, trained on Energy Trust installation requirements and provide a wide range of electric, plumbing, heating, cooling and other energy-related services. By providing more ways to search the list, customers can quickly connect with a trade ally that fits their needs.

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