Mt. Hood Ductless, a small business making a big impact for affordable multifamily

Mt. Hood Ductless, a small business making a big impact for affordable multifamily

Mt. Hood Ductless, an Energy Trust of Oregon trade ally contractor, is a community-focused heating and cooling contractor that helps its customers save money on efficient heat pump installations. Many of the installations that Mt. Hood Ductless completes involve ductless heat pumps (DHPs). DHPs are an efficient option for heating and cooling multifamily and single-family residences as well as small businesses.

Mt. Hood Ductless completed two DHP installations in supportive housing developments in Dallas, Oregon, as part of Energy Trust’s Community Partner Funding initiative. Community Partner Funding provides increased incentives that participating community-based organizations can access for their clients.

Jen’s Place installed 15 DHPs in their townhouse-style apartments, and East Place Apartments installed DHPs in their five-unit complex. The DHPs were installed with no cost to the properties allowing the properties to have more resources available to support their residents. A few weeks after the projects were completed, Aaron McNally, the owner of Mt. Hood Ductless, went back to the communities and talked to the residents.

“It was really nice to hear the feedback from the customers. They said they were much more comfortable, and their utility bills were going to go way down.”
– Aaron McNally, owner, Mt. Hood Ductless

McNally prioritizes keeping Mt. Hood Ductless a small company and connecting with customers. “When you get too big, you lose some of the personal touch and connecting with customers is what is most important to me,” he explains. McNally is committed to working with non-profits and serving communities that have been traditionally underserved by utility programs. “It is important to me that my company supports people who have lower than average incomes,” McNally explains. “These are the communities that really need access to technologies like ductless heat pumps.”

In addition to his focus on serving customers with low incomes, McNally is starting a non-profit called Green NW. Green NW will teach veterans returning to civilian life and individuals from low-income communities how to perform heating and cooling installations. After completing the program, the non-profit will provide participants with job placement opportunities.

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