Drop it low and bring up the savings

Drop it low and bring up the savings

Large wheeled linear pivot irrigation system in a field.

Large wheeled irrigation system in a field.Traditionally, pivot and linear irrigation systems have used high-pressure impact sprinklers mounted on top of the main pipe. Positioning the sprinklers closer to the ground using goosenecks and drop tubes can save water and energy by reducing evaporation which increases the application efficiency and reduces the required system pressure.

Energy Trust of Oregon offers eligible customers a per-drop rebate for upgrading to these irrigation systems. Incentives vary based on which system is selected and whether the pump has a variable frequency drive (VFD) which allows a single pump to serve a variety of irrigation systems providing flexibility to change pressures for different pumping requirements.

  • Mid-Elevation Spray Application (MESA) systems use sprinklers that operate within 5-10 feet of the ground. Incentives for upgrading to MESA systems are available only for retrofit upgrades to existing high-pressure impact sprinkler systems.
  • Low Elevation Spray Application (LESA) systems use sprinklers that operate within one foot of the ground.
  • Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) systems use sprinklers or bubblers that operate at the ground level.
  • Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation (PMDI) systems take it a step further and use ground-level drip tubing attached to the end of the drop tubes.

Close up of high-pressure impact sprinklers.

Apply for cash rebates after you convert your linear or pivot to a qualifying MESA, LESA, LEPA or PMDI irrigation system. See rebate form 420PL for eligibility requirements and additional details. Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.


  • Upgrade for systems with VFD – $35 per sprinkler drop
  • Upgrade for systems without VFD – $15 per sprinkler drop

To learn more, contact your vendor, visit energytrust.org/irrigation or call Energy Trust at 1.866.202.0576.

Man adjusting a pump along the banks of a river.