2024 Existing Buildings incentive updates

2024 Existing Buildings incentive updates

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No matter what industry or sector you’re in, your business can benefit from cutting costs. Now there are new ways for businesses of all sizes to reduce energy use and utility costs. Energy Trust of Oregon recently updated cash incentives for eligible, energy-efficient equipment upgrades to help businesses save.

New in 2024, commercial properties in Oregon and Southwest Washington may be eligible to receive incentives for the following equipment:

EquipmentIncentiveState Eligibility
Ozone Laundry System $5,000-$30,000 per systemOR and WA
Two-stage Gas Valves on Clothes Dryers$400-$700 per valve OR and WA
ENERGY STAR® Vertical Reach-in Freezer$40-$325 eachOR only
ENERGY STAR Vertical Reach-in Refrigerator$20 eachOR only

In addition to new incentive offers, Energy Trust increased incentives for several equipment types so businesses can save even more in 2024. See below for increased incentives and state eligibility.

Foodservice and Lodging Equipment

EquipmentIncentive State Eligibility
Gas-fired Automatic Conveyor Broiler$2,500-$3,500 eachOR and WA
Gas Steam Cooker$3,400 eachOR and WA
Commercial Vent Hood Retrofit with Demand Controlled Ventilation$900-$1,500 per controlled motor hpOR and WA
Double Rack Gas Oven$2,000 eachOR and WA
Ductless Heat Pump – Lodging Only$500 per ton of cooling capacityOR only
Commercial Pool Cover$6 per sq ft of pool surface areaOR and WA
Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP)$800 eachOR only
Commercial Ice Maker$180-$400 eachOR only
ENERGY STAR® Commercial Laundry Washer$100-$400 eachOR and WA

Grocery Equipment

EquipmentIncentiveState Eligibility
Anti-Sweat Heater Controls$60-$80 per linear ft of doorOR only
Retrofit on Freezers or Refrigerated Cases$160-$400 per linear ft of doorOR and WA
Evaporator Fan Motors $150-$180 OR only
On-Demand Overwrapper$350 eachOR only
Strip Curtains$12 per sq ftOR only
New Cooler Cases with Doors$150 per linear ft of doorOR and WA
Floating Head Pressure Controls (FHPC), Retrofit Compressor Rack$60 per compressor hp OR only
Floating Suction Pressure Controls (FSPC) Retrofit, Compressor Rack$60 per compressor hp OR only
FHPC and FSPC Retrofit, Compressor Rack$130 per compressor hpOR only
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Retrofit, Compressor Rack$850 per fan motor hpOR only

Computer Equipment

EquipmentIncentiveState Eligibility
Server/Telecom Room Mini-Split Air Conditioner$250 per ton of cooling capacityOR only

HVAC and Water Heating Equipment

EquipmentIncentiveState Eligibility
Commercial Condensing Tank Water Heater$3.50 per kBtu/h inputOR and WA
Advanced Rooftop Controls (ARC) - Lite Retrofit$200 per tonOR only
Advanced Rooftop Controls (ARC) - Full Retrofit$300 per ton OR and WA
Commercial Condensing Gas Furnace$8.00-$8.25 per kBtu/hOR and WA
Steam Trap$400 per repaired steam trap
$500 per replaced steam trap
OR and WA
Modulating Boiler Burner$10 per kBtu/h of burner rated capacityOR and WA
Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH)$800 eachOR only
Irrigation Pump VFD - New or Retrofit$750-$6,000 per installed VFDOR only
Commercial Pump VFD – New$200-$1,100 per installed VFDOR only


EquipmentIncentiveState Eligibility
Attic Insulation$0.90 per sq ftOR and WA
Roof Insulation$1.00 - $2.85 per sq ftOR and WA
Wall Insulation$1.30 per sq ft OR and WA
Pipe Insulation$18-$25 per linear ftOR and WA

Service Shops and Warehouses

EquipmentIncentiveState Eligibility
Inverter-Driver Welder$2,400 eachOR only
Forklift Battery Charger$3,000 eachOR only

Increased custom incentives are also available for customers interested in larger energy-saving projects. Cash incentives for qualified custom energy projects are calculated based on estimated annual energy savings. Customers may be eligible to receive $0.45 per annual kWh saved and $5.00 per annual therm saved. Energy Trust will provide incentives up to 90% of eligible project costs for custom projects – including retrocommissioning!

Additional requirements may apply. To review the incentive process for standard equipment installations or custom projects, including eligibility requirements and steps to complete, please visit the incentive pages below:

For questions or assistance, contact our team of energy advisors by emailing existingbuildings@energytrust.org or call 1.866.605.1676. Get started today to save energy and money now – and for years to come.