New cash incentives on qualifying energy-efficient equipment

New cash incentives on qualifying energy-efficient equipment

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Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives help make energy-efficiency improvements at multifamily properties more affordable. Incentive eligibility is dependent on property type—for full incentive details, take a look at the incentive booklet or website.

Beginning January 1, new incentives are available for:

  • Hydronic heating circulator$100-$750 incentive for hydronic heating circulator pumps with electronically commutated motors (ECMs) installed on central hydronic heating systems. The incentive amount is dependent on pump horsepower (HP) and whether the pump motor is single- or variable-speed.
  • Commercial pool pump$230 incentive for the replacement of pool pump. Replacement pump must be variable-speed and self-priming. Minimum Weighted Energy Factor ratings apply based on pump HP.
  • Condensing pool heaterIncentives are available for the replacement of outdoor ($3.50 per sq ft) and indoor ($2.35 per sq ft.) condensing gas-fired pool heaters. Incentive amount is dependent on pool surface area.
  • Outdoor spa cover$100 per spa cover.
  • Building Operator Certificate (BOC)Energy Trust provides an incentive of up to $1,600 per BOC-certified building operator.

Updated incentives and requirements include:

More ways to save

Energy Trust works with select retailers to lower prices on the following equipment types

Energy Trust also offers custom incentives for properties with unique systems or equipment. Call 1.877.510.2130 to schedule a free site visit and learn more about cost-effective and energy-efficiency improvements available for your property.