Meet an energy advisor near you

Meet an energy advisor near you

Energy Trust of Oregon is here to help your multifamily property work towards a more resilient future. Now more than ever, resiliency is at the forefront of many property owners’ minds as a key ingredient to long-term success. We can support your long-term needs by identifying opportunities for energy-efficiency upgrades and providing technical assistance that will help your property or facility thrive for years to come.

Not sure if your project qualifies, what paperwork you’ll need, or if you are purchasing the correct equipment? Let us help! We have a team of strategically trained energy advisors located across Oregon and Southwest Washington that will guide you through next steps to becoming more energy efficient. Depending on your property type and location, here’s who you should contact:

Energy Advisors by Property Type
Large Multifamily– Market rate, campus living and assisted living propertiesFredy Salazar, 503.329.0921

Kirk Douglas, 503.319.4800
Small Multifamily – Condo, townhome and plex propertiesDonald Shaw, 503.270.1415
Energy Advisors by Geographic Region
Central OregonDan St. Germain, 541.419.7907
North CoastTaylor Nickel, 503.484.5169
Northeast OregonDonald Williams, 541.809.8138
Southern OregonBrooke Ingram, 541.291.1854

Marissa West, 541.841.0195
SW WashingtonMichelle Missfeldt, 503.679.5556

If your property fits into more than one of the categories listed above, connect with the energy advisor that best fits your property type and we’ll redirect you to the appropriate contact if necessary.

Regardless of property type or location, your energy advisor can help you find solutions to reduce operational costs and develop a right-sized approach for your budget. Connect with our team of trusted energy advisors today.

For questions or additional program resources, call 1.877.510.2130 or email