Free (yes, free!) energy-saving products for multifamily properties

Free (yes, free!) energy-saving products for multifamily properties

an Energy Trust representative showing a woman the free efficiency upgrades available

Reduce costs for you and your residents—and increase your property’s appeal—with free energy-saving products.

Energy Trust offers free installation of LED bulbs, faucet aerators, showerheads, and advanced power strips in dwelling units. These free products help residents save on their energy bills, while also reducing water consumption, which is typically the responsibility of the property owner.

Paula Dodge, property manager at Rogue Real Estate Sales and Property Management has used this free service at 51 sites across central Oregon saving the properties nearly 85,000 kWh and 380 therms. “The service saves on future maintenance time and money. Overall, we consider it a win-win for all,” said Dodge. “It’s a great benefit to our community.”

Dodge’s team makes sure to schedule the installation of energy-saving products with Energy Trust whenever they take on a new property or when they have a changeover of tenants. Both the property and tenants save on energy costs making the decision to schedule the service an easy one. “When tenants move in and realize they have LED bulbs and other energy-efficient products in their units, they look forward to the energy savings,” said Dodge.

To schedule the installation of your free energy-saving products or to learn more about cash incentives, call us at 1.877.510.2130, email, or click here.