Dishing up energy savings

Dishing up energy savings

People in front of business
Mexican restaurant

The owners of Tienda Mexicana Monte Alban, a restaurant and market in Woodburn, installed high-efficiency gas fryers in the kitchen with support from Energy Trust of Oregon.

For Irma and Armando Nocedal, Tienda Mexicana Monte Alban is more than a restaurant and market. Named after an ancient archaeological site in Oaxaca in southern Mexico, the Woodburn, Oregon, gathering place embodies their pride in the food and heritage of their homeland.

“We used the incentive money to buy a new high-efficiency refrigerator.” —Armando Nocedal, Owner, Tienda Mexicana Monte Alban

People in front of business

Irma and Armando Nocedal are fulfilling their dream to share traditional Oaxacan food with their community.

When the Nocedals leased the former location of a former bakery and started purchasing new foodservices equipment, the restaurant equipment sales staff told them about Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives. They had already heard about Energy Trust incentives available to businesses purchasing energy-efficient equipment from Portland General Electric and the City of Woodburn. Talking about the incentives for gas fryers with their foodservice dealer prompted the Nocedals to purchase high-efficiency models for their new business.

They received a $2,000 incentive from Energy Trust for installing two high-efficiency gas fryers, which should save about $650 in annual energy costs. “We have friends with similar businesses who use old fryers,” Armando said, “and they tell me their utility bill is high. So, we are sure that buying new, energy-efficient fryers was a good decision. Plus, we used the incentive money to buy a new high-efficiency refrigerator.”


With high-efficiency fryers in their kitchen, the Nocedals will save an estimated $650 per year in energy costs.

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