Energy Trust resources for nonprofits, local governments and service providers

Energy Trust resources for nonprofits, local governments and service providers

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Using less energy or generating renewable energy can pay off in many ways, from creating local jobs and protecting affordable housing to revitalizing town centers, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping cities achieve their energy, climate, water, housing and other community goals.

Local governments, nonprofits, service providers and others work with Energy Trust to help their communities thrive through clean, affordable energy solutions. Energy Trust can offer planning and financing assistance, technical resources, contractor connections, event sponsorships and more.

These resources could be especially helpful as communities across Oregon confront continued economic uncertainty over the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenge of rebuilding following this year’s devastating wildfires.

As Energy Trust works to ensure everyone has access to its programs and cash incentives, partnering with community groups can help reach people of color, rural customers and people with low to moderate incomes. Community-based organizations are known and trusted in their communities and have experience reaching and serving the people who live and work there.

Energy Trust recently added new resources to its website designed to help local governments, nonprofits and service providers get to know Energy Trust. The page has links to Energy Trust offers—like the new Community Partner Funding initiative—and success stories from community groups.

It also offers information on how Energy Trust can support groups seeking funding through the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund.