Apps for the Environment

Check out these apps from others that make reducing your energy use and environmental impact easier.

Light Bulb Finder helps consumers determine energy-saving equivalents to conventional.


PaperKarma helps you get rid of unwanted junk mail. Just take a photo of a piece of junk mail and the app will request that you be removed from the mailing list.


iRecycle, from batteries to barbeque grills, this app tells you the nearest place to bring more than 350 materials to be recycled.


Green Outlet allows users to figure out which appliances are using the most energy. After entering some personal data, the app will calculate your average monthly cost. This app is $0.99 on iTunes. If you’d like a similar alternative, borrow a Kill A Watt monitor from your local library, click here for a list of participating libraries.


The only “game” on the list, Joulebug makes complex tasks and ideas fun by turning them into a game. By entering your energy habits, Joulebug makes observations and offers tips and rewards for completing goals. You can evenshare out your achievements on Facebook and Twitter..


inBloom searches for organic and sustainable businesses near your current location. The lists of businesses that come up have ratings, maps, and more. This app is available for free on iOS.